Quench Thirst With A Twist

Parties and gatherings are a breeze with Blumix’s beverage dispenser! This clean-looking beverage cooler comes with a flavour infuser to add the pleasant twist to your thirst quencher, be it lemons, oranges or any flavour that catches your fancy!

Ideal for events with large crowds, the Blumix comes with an ice bowl base to ensure your beverages are chilled without affecting its taste and quality.


  1. Lid
  2. Flavour Infuser

    Enable you to infuse your beverage with flavour from fresh fruits

  3. Base

    Compartmentalized base that can be filled with ice to chill beverage without diluting it

  4. Jug

    1.5 gallon (6 litre)
    Clear body enable easy viewof water level

  5. Spigot

    Easy-pull spout to dispense beverage