Celebrating the Ordinary

Living Wing is the brainchild of founders Terence Lee and Zoe Au, who dreamed of sharing products that would enhance daily living. Prior to turning into an entrepreneur, Terence had extensive years of international trading experience in the IT industry, and Zoe’s expertise in colour dyes and pigments in the textile industry have put them on good stead in this business.

It all started when Terence and Zoe decided to take a step forward by exploring and testing the market with Flipper, a toothbrush holder that carried groovy, fun-filled designs. The product was well received, and over time, the company has grown to distribute a range of lifestyle merchandises such as Propaganda, Mini Beanie and Zense – lifestyle gifts & stationery; SIGG the premium reusable water bottle; Multiple Choice drink-and-tableware; as well as Envirosax designer reusable bags. A robust distribution network was established during this period.

Living Wing Key Management
Living Wing Management

Getting More Out of Life

Buckled with more daring and imagination, Living Wing went on to pour vigour into the otherwise mundane and humble water bottle, thus creating its own brand, BROS® – the leading water bottle trade name in Malaysia that is fashionably fun and functional. It has become a category leader domestically and on the shelves of some of Southeast Asia’s noted retailers.

Spurred by this runaway success, Living Wing continues to distribute brands in its range of products, always with the intention of bringing sparkle to the ordinary, making them cherished and beautiful.