Corporate Values

Vision & Mission


At Living Wing, we not only distribute good products, we find features that make them better and accentuate those features.
– Zoe Au, Co-Founder

Who We Are

Walking into Living Wing, one is able to perceive a sense of openness and positivism, the perfect setting for freedom of thought that encourages ideas to take flight. We explore. We experiment. We believe that good things should be shared – and that explains our sense of adrenalin rush every time we nail a successful product in the market! We are happy to operate in an easygoing, friendly and receptive culture, making it easy to marry sharp business acumen with products that carry promising market potential.

Our Commitment

In order to create cutting-edge products that would enhance people’s lives, we take extreme care in quality sourcing, material and product development. The Company nurtures ideas to constantly improve on its product design and development. We take pride in carrying our product like a newborn, from its inception to its entry into the marketplace. At the heart of our business, we believe in promoting the values of openness, trustworthiness and innovation in order to build a truly sustainable enterprise.

Our Promise

Our commitment has made us stand in good stead where our business is concerned – increasing market presence and share through sales, brand management and building, determining appropriate channels for products, covering extensive distribution and improving logistics services. We are proud to provide tailor-made solutions according to the needs of our business partners.

Forging New Frontiers

To pioneer new markets in household, lifestyle and travel products, bringing outstanding quality to our customers.